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Menstrual CycleMenstrual Cycle

Menstrual diaryIf you are having premenstrual-like symptoms, your health professional may ask you to keep a menstrual diary.
Ovulation Ovulation is the release of a mature egg from an ovary during the menstrual cycle. Ovulation occurs about halfway through the menstrual cycle, or about 14 days before the start of the next menstrual period.
Birth controlThe purpose of using birth control (contraception) is to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Birth control methods work either by preventing the male sperm from fertilizing the female egg (ovum) or by preventing a fertilized egg from attaching (implanting) in the womb (uterus) and developing.
Birth Control Handbook - offers an excellent and thorough explanation of the menstrual cycle and how each birth control method works to prevent pregnancy.
Menstruation - connecting heart, mind, body and spirit - Menstruation is an Art because if we are living our cycles and tapping into the gifts, power and responsibilities of being authentically Feminine, then we are tapping into an ever-changing, never-ending source of creativity.
Museum of Menstruation - Herstory of menstruation, menstrual pad alternatives, and selected women's health topics.
Fertility Awareness Method of Birth Control (FAM).
Tools for Self Exam - use your own speculum, mirror and flashlight.

Free Pregnancy calendarPregnancy
A comprehensive site for anyone interested in the practical aspects of pregnancy. Includes bulletin boards, parents reviews, pregnancy and ovulation calendars, ultrasound gallery, and other services for pregnancy and parenting issues.
The Labor of Love
Offers pregnancy and parenting information. Includes online journals, message boards and articles on parenting, pregnancy, childhood health, breastfeeding, and links to other parenting websites.
A portal for parents, containing resources on fertility, infertility, pregnancy, adoption, breastfeeding, health and other topics.
Offers articles, interactive features, community forums, news, ideas and resources to guide you during your pregnant life.
Contains a variety of links related to pregnancy, fertility monitoring, birth, gender selection, feeding, newborns, health and more. Offers FAQs and a free pregnancy & childbirth newsletter.
Offers news, information on pregnancy, resources and tools, lifestyle, community discussion boards, diaries, and a free pregnancy newsletter; and allows you to create a customized calendar for every day of your pregnancy.

natural family planing
FertilityUseful software
ProgramsHome.com A directory of free and shareware software, nstant messaging software, computer software, dvd software, cheap software ,chat software, webcam software

natural family planing
A non-profit website for patient information on trying to conceive. Includes information on infertility issues and miscarriage, infertility newsgroups FAQ, fertility resource lists, and fertility humor.
A collection of resources for those who are trying to conceive. Contains pregnancy and ovulation calendars, news, health information, and community discussion boards.
A collection of articles for women trying to conceive. Includes information on nutrition, birth control, ovulation, ovulation predictor kits, BBT and fertility charts, and infertility issues.
Infertility Resources Web Site
Provides information about infertility clinics, donor egg and surrogacy services, male infertility services, sperm banks, pharmacies, infertility books and videos, sperm testing, newsgroups and support organizations, and drugs and medications.
ClearPlan Easy Fertility Monitor
Offers a wide range of products designed to help women to maximize chances of conceiving, including ClearPlan Easy® Fertility Monitor, ClearPlan Easy® Ovulation Test Pack, and other fertility-related products.
Trying to Conceive - Links to Journals
Over 300 journals from women who are sharing information on miscarriage, infertility, pregnancy over 30, teen pregnancy, and other topics.
BabyZone.Com - Preconception
A resource guide for women who are trying to conceive, dealing with infertility, considering adoption, or want to get physically, mentally, and financially prepared before getting pregnant.

Reproductive womans healthReproductive womans health
International Planned Parenthood Federation
A worldwide voluntary organization aimed to increase support for reproductive health and family planning worldwide, links national autonomous Family Planning Associations (FPAs) in over 180 countries worldwide.
Family Health International
Family Health International (FHI) works to improve reproductive and family health around the world through biomedical and social science research, innovative health service delivery interventions, training and information programs.
MCP Hahnemann University Libraries - Women's Health Resources
Includes a list of organizations and professional societies, links to electronic journals, and instructional resources.

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