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menstrual cycle

womens health
menstrual cycle calendar What is the menstrual cycle?
The menstrual cycle varies from one woman to another, it first begins when a girl becomes sexually mature at puberty. The majority of women will have a cycle that lasts between 25-35 days, with the average being 28 days, but this can be longer or shorter. The first day of bleeding is counted as the beginning of your cycle (day 1). Your menstrual cycle is then the number of days before your next period starts (the first day of bleeding). Your period can last anything from 3 to 10 days.

menstrual diary Menstrual diary
A menstrual diary can help you figure out the patterns of your premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms, including when they occur and what they are. A diary also can help confirm a diagnosis of PMS and determine the most effective treatment plan based on your recorded symptoms. Recording symptoms also increases your understanding of the effect PMS has on your life. Before making a diagnosis of PMS or attempting to treat it, your doctor will probably ask you to keep a menstrual diary for 2 to 3 months. There are several types of menstrual diaries. In a menstrual diary, you record the following information every day:

  • Daily physical symptoms, if present (such as headache, cramping, bloating, or breast tenderness)
  • Emotional and behavioral symptoms (such as mood changes, irritability, sleep problems, or depression)
  • Your weight, especially if your symptoms include bloating, water retention, or food cravings
  • You should include the precise dates of your period (menstrual bleeding) and the symptoms you have on those days.
    Now when everyone has a PC it is very easy to keep a menstrual diary. Software Products section.
menstrual cycle calendar

menstrual cycle calendar
menstrual cycle calendarYou have many reasons to use our Victoria Woman calendar.
  The Calendar predicts the future cycles, and it make possible for you to plan menstruation-free important events.

  • Vacation: 
    You can plan the time when you will not be having your period.
  • Natural Family Planing: 
    your fertility periods are determine by your ovulation. And ovulation can be calculated from your menstrual diary. But you need to have data at least for 6 month. A year is better
  • Travel
  • Sport competitions
  • Wedding
  • Romantic getaways
  • You Life: 
    If you have heavy PMS you can prepare the people they live and work with for the upcoming emotional changes. You can avoid going to a party or take a day off.
  • Sex Life: 
    If you are dating it will be good to choose the appropriate time for a special night.

  • You can see on panels "statistics" values maximum,minimum and average menstrual period calculated by program. You can see also date last menstruation and average duration of bleeding.
  • Download Calendar and try it
secret diary
secret diary

And this is just the beginning.There are many of other best features once you get inside the calendar

It is not only menstrual cycle calendar.

  • Many women write own diary but they do not like then colleagues or relatives read diarys without permit. Victoria Woman Calendar with secret diary the best solution for personal diary Victoria Woman Calendar safeguards your private information around the clock .
  • Modern woman have always plenty of duties and deals. Our events reminder is beautiful assistant for women.
  • You will be able to create the photo album of your life. You may use any photographies even very personal and intimate. All images will are encoded. Nobody except you will not be able to see their.
  • You will have secret 20 notebooks with alphabetic pages. You can note and contain the information in the order.
secret diary